Effective June 1, 2018 - Mandatory minimum wage increases in the City of San Diego and State of California have dramatically impacted all small businesses. In order to maintain the standard of service Fisherman's Processing clients expect we must raise our prices. As of June 1st Fisherman's Processing customers will see our first price increase in two years. We will strive to balance affordability while maintaining the full suite of services Fisherman's Processing customers appreciate. Thank you for your loyalty and support. Good luck fishing in 2018!

Fisherman's Processing

  • FILLETING 3mil bag - $1.05 per pound
    Fisherman's Processing is pleased to offer the finest custom fillet services to the sportfishing community. We'll fillet and vacuum pack your catch in 3mil bags, ensuring that your fresh fish stays fresh.
  • FILLETING 5mil bag option - $1.15 per pound
    This is a great choice for shipping durability and long term prevention of freezer-burn.
  • Fish Under 15 Pounds 
    3 Mil Bag - $1.60 per pound
    5 Mil Bag - $1.80 per pound
  • GILL, GUT and/or HEAD - $0.80 per pound
  • COLLARS - $3.50 each
  • JERKY - $2.70 per pound
    We have developed what we consider to be the finest Jerkey and is currently available in Peppered, Teriyaki and Spicy styles.

Tuna Burger

    This is a lightly seasoned tuna burger that could be eaten as is or finished with all the flavors you love. Just defrost the burgers, cook for 2 minutes on each side and serve as desired. Returning fishermen have the opportunity to turn in a tuna and receive table ready tuna burgers. The cost is $2.70 per pound (based on the whole fish weight) and you get back the full return/yield (fillet) weight of your fish in patties. Give them a try on your next fishing trip.

    Fisherman's Processing provides custom packaging to our customers and will custom-pack to your special requests. All processed (fillet and smoked) fish is vacuum sealed in 3-mil bags and are double-sealed for guaranteed freshness!

    Fisherman's Processing can ship to your local airport or to your door in our airline-approved, closed cell coolers, with cardboard outer liners loaded with gel ice paks.

    Want your catched processed while you wait - no problem. Relax in our beautifully appointed lounge, enjoy our wide-screen TV and free wireless internet service while we process and package your catch.


Processing Yeilds