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Never has the processing of your sport caught fish been easier. Fisherman's Processing is ready to show you how easy it is to have your catch processed More...

The game has changed! Today's angler realizes the importance of fisheries management and understand that more isn't better. Customers now take less fish, but demand a higher standard in the way their catch is handled. From state-of-the-art RSW storage to the finest procedures in the processing of their catch - they're guaranteed no finer product for their tables! Since 2010, We've set the bar for sport-caught fish processing. More...::

Fisherman's Processing 2837 Historic Decatur Rd. San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 255-3128

Conveniently located 1.2 miles from the Sportfishing Landing in Liberty Station!

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Processing Rates*

PLEASE NOTE - Due to recent legislation signed into law by Governor Brown relating to California's minimum wage issues, we unfortunately are forced to increase our prices for services providded to our customers. We have implemented a small price increase at this time and will remain competitive and offer the best processing options available to the sportfishing community.

Prices Effective July 1, 2017

Custom filleting @ $0.95/lb. (based on whole fish weight), vacuum-packed in 3 mil bags
Custom filleting @ $1.05/lb. (based on whole fish weight), vacuum-packed in 5 mil bags

Fish Under 15 Pounds @ $1.50/lb. (3 Mil Bag)*
Fish Under 15 Pounds @ $1.60/lb. (5 Mil Bag)*

Gill, Gut and/or Head @ $0.70/lb. (no vacuum-packing)

Gill, Gut, Head + Scaled or Vacuum-packed* @ $0.75/lb.

Collars @ $3.00 each - Removed, trimmed, cleaned table ready, individually bagged in our 5mil bag.

Smoked Fish @ $1.60/lb. (based on whole fish weight)

Fish Jerky @ $2.60/lb. (based on whole fish weight). Peppered and Teriyaki Tuna and Yellowtail Jerky now available.

Tuna Burger @ $2.60/lb. (based on whole fish weight)

Gourmet Canning @ $4.35/lb. (based on whole fish weight)

*Due to size limitations of bags, some whole fish cannot be vacuum-packed.

Shipping Boxes: $37 - $49 including 4 - 6 gel-paks.

T-Shirts: $20.00 available in Men's, Women's and Children's styles and sizes.
Women's Short Sleeve T's - $25.00
Tank Tops - $20.00

T-Shirts - Long Sleeve $25.00
FlexFit Hats $25.00
Sweatshirts $50.00
Jacket $100.00

*Fish Under 15 Pounds: This includes but is not limited to Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail, Skipjack and Bonito. Unfortunately, these smaller fish require substantially more time to process. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: We take every measure to ensure the best possible vacuum-packaged seal. Please be aware that vacuum packaging Bone-in Steaks and Collars may compromise the bag, regardless of thickness (3 or 5 mil).

* Prices effective 07/01/2017 Prices subject to change without notice.