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Hi Sean!  


Thank you again for opening your doors to our visit this week!  I heard some amazing stories from students and teachers after the session aired.  My favorite is that a first grade student at Rios Elementary was so engaged in the session and excited to learn about fish processing, that when he left school that day he ran to the parking lot to meet his mom so that he could tell her all about it!  It seems that he was so excited and was talking so fast that mom could not understand what he was trying to tell her and they had to return to the classroom so that the teacher could explain how we lived streamed the session with you into their classroom!  It made a huge impact on him!  


I am attaching the video that the Cooks completed after our visit and a link the photos that I was able to gather from everyone.  The Nepris video of the live stream will probably be released in the next week or so and you should get a link to it directly from them, but I will also share it as soon as I see that it is available.  


Video: https://vimeo.com/301013084 . If you are going to use the video for FB or your website, Karen suggested that you need to download it to your computer, then upload - she said to not just paste the link.  


Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AMZu3UzvrJ9WCyuM8 


Thank you again for everything!  I appreciate that you did this more than I can put into words.  




October 30, 2018

Aloha Sean!

Thank you very much for getting our orders processed very fast!

You have an awesome team there. 


Sept. 24, 2018

Dear Sean and the whole Fisherman’s Processing Team, 

Thank you for your incredible service. This is BFT I caught on the AA in June. The rub is my combo of “stuff” which includes your garlic pepper, I use no salt, plus my secret ingredients.

Steve G.

May 7, 2018

Just eating my last piece of Ono, from the box you found. It is fabulous, thank you Fisherman’s Processing. A lot of folks made that possible, and I tip my hat to the entire crew, as excellence does not happen in a vacuum, it’s a top down business philosophy. 

Tight lines and bent rods,

March 13, 2018

Hello Sean,

I just wanted to express to you how amazed I was when the smoked Wahoo I ordered Tuesday, the day before the Long beach Fred Hall show arrived on my front porch Wednesday the first day of the Fred Hall show!!! Your service was above and beyond my expectations, the product was far above my expectations and I look forward to purchasing your high quality product in the future!!! I was always bring my catch to Fisherman's processing and continually mail order your product when my stash runs out!!! Thanks a million times over, I've been looking for a service like Fish pros market for years and am elated to finally be able to have your products and services at my finger tips!!! 

Tight lines and an ocean full of gratitude, 

Rick Johnston

Chatsworth, CA