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We highly recommend securing a fish processing reservation once you have booked your fishing trip. You can request a reservation by TEXTING us at 619-255-3128. We will need the boat name, return date and the name/names of the people needing our services. You will receive a return text regarding your reservation request.

Why Fisherman's Processing?

Today's angler realizes the importance of fisheries management and understand that more isn't better. Customers now take less fish, but demand a higher standard in the way their catch is handled. From state-of-the-art RSW storage to the finest procedures in the processing of their catch - they're guaranteed no finer product for their tables!

Since 2010, We've set the bar for sport-caught fish processing. Conveniently located in Old Town, 2 miles from the sport fishing landings, we have positioned our processing facility to provide unparallelled service across the full range of products offered to the angler returning with their catch.

A Team You Can Trust

Our partnership between Sean Sebring, Tim Ekstrom and Randy Toussaint brings additional fish processing capacity to the San Diego Sport Fishing community. With over 125 years of combined fishing and processing experience. Fisherman's Processing features full filleting and smoking services, custom canning and alternative menu choices for your catch. These services are available to all returning long range and multi day vessels. Managing Partner Sean Sebring provides personal oversight with assistance from all partners. Fisherman's Processing - let us show you how we've redefined fish processing to the sportfishing community.

Fish Processing Hours

Open 8am to 2pm
By appointment
Call anytime
LOCATION: 4004 Taylor St.
San Diego, CA
PHONE: (619) 255-3128

Fish Pros Market

8am to 2pm
8am to 2pm
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