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About Us

2024 Ownership & Operations

Our ownership team features iconic names in long range sport fishing and fish processing. Tim Ekstrom, Randy Toussaint, Brian Sims, Roy Rose, and Raymond Falante combine their knowledge and customer centric focus to ensure that Fisherman’s Processing clients conclude their voyage with a premier processing experience.

Directing operations at the facility are Merrilee Ekstrom and Raymond Falante. Dedicated to best serving our customers Merrilee, Ray, and our team of enthusiastic professionals are focused on efficiently providing a full suite of custom processing options for your catch.


Reservations with Fisherman’s Processing

Our goal is to process your fish in the timely manner you expect. To accomplish this, we have built an online reservation system. The system captures every reservation in the order received and prioritizes the service based on customer request. Customers may request same day service; next day-fresh or flash frozen; later pick up-flash frozen.

Effective immediately, we will require a $100 deposit for all reservations. This deposit will be automatically applied to fees incurred upon completion of the customer’s order. Deposits are fully refundable if cancelled with two weeks’ notice and we fill the reservation with another customer.


  • Same-day service
  • Next-day service (processing fees due upon completion of order)
  • Later pick-up (processing fees due upon completion of order)
    • Cold Storage (2 weeks free of charge)
    • Cold Storage (Day 15-30) - $2 per tray per day
    • Cold Storage beyond 30 days must be arranged.
  • Free ice for all processed fish
  • Filleting & vacuum sealed in 5mil bag.
    • Fish 15 Pounds & larger - $1.85 per pound
    • Fish Under 15 Pounds - $2.80 per pound
  • Gill, gut and/or head - $1.50 per pound
  • Collars - $5.00 each (40 pound & larger $6.50 each)
  • Smoking - $3.00 per pound
  • Gourmet custom canning - $5.00 per pound
  • Jerky - $4.00 per pound (available in Peppered, Teriyaki and Spicy).
  • Custom packaging vacuum sealed in 5mil bag.
    • Sushi Cut
    • Loins
    • .5lb bag (additional $.15 per pound)
    • Customer requests
  • Shipping - Price varies with each shipment. Will quote for every customer.
    • Southwest Cargo & Alaska Cargo - ship to your local airport.
    • Federal Express to your door.